21 May 2015

Jewel's Letterman performances

Since David Letterman has retired as the host of the Late Show I thought it would be a good time to list all of Jewel's appearances as his music guest. I found 11 in total from 1996 to 2002. You'll find nine videos of those appearances below that I found on YouTube. If anyone has links to the last two, Standing Still and Break Me, or if I've missed an appearance or got a date wrong then please let me know.

22nd April 1996 - Who Will Save Your Soul

2nd September 1996 - You Were Meant For Me

30th January 1997 - Near You Always

2nd June 1997 - Foolish Games

18th February 1999 - Down So Long

10th June 1999 - Jupiter

25th November 1999 - Face of Love

6th October 2000 - Serve The Ego

20th September 2001 - Hands

15th January 2002 - Standing Still
<not found>

16th January 2002 - Break Me
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7 May 2014

Jewel Unplugged

It was 17 years ago today that Jewel recorded her session for MTV Unplugged. She had taken a short break from her promotional tour of Europe to fly back to the US to record the show in NYC.

It looks like MTV/Viacom have done a good job of wiping any sort of media from it off the face of the Internet. All I have are a few screen captures.

 For those of you that might be interested the set list for that night was as follows:

1. tuning/intro
2. Enter From The East
3. A Boy Needs A Bike (Ride Away)
4. Satellite
5. You Were Meant For Me
6. Down So Long
7. Foolish Games
8. Who Will Save Your Soul
9. Last Dance Rodeo
10. -stage adjustments-
11. Down
12. -stage adjustments-
13. Foolish Games (take 2)
14. -stage adjustments-
15. You Were Meant For Me (take 2)
16. Last Dance Rodeo (take 2)
17. -stage adjustments-
18. Fragile Flame
19. Just Passing Time
20. Don't
21. Too Darn Hot [Cole Porter]
22. Angel Standing By (aborted)
23. Angel Standing By

The set list was obtained from a post by Alan Bershaw on the Jewel @ smoe mailing list archive.
Note: I've updated the setlist above, thanks to Jessica who passed on the correct details, see the comments below.

If you want to find out more about this recording and what else Jewel was doing around this time then do check out the archive.